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    Posted on June 24, 2015 by Yogesh Vaidya in 'નિસ્યંદન'.

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    The First of it’s kind, A Manipuri Poetry Special Issue by ‘Nisyandan’ ( An E-Magazine of Gujarati Poetry)

    This is a humble beginning of building a bridge…

    24 Contemporary Poets of Manipuri language and their 50 Poems. Two in depth article by Manipuri critics. Gujarati Translations of Manipuri Poems with facility to read them in English.
    The Manipuri Poetry Special Issue is on your screen now..

    Download Links :
    Nisyandan 18
    Nisyandan 18 Doc
    Incase of any problem, Send request to our Mail ID : mryogi62@gmail.com. We shall send the PDF file to you.

    If you like this little effort, Kindly say some thing. Write some thing to us and in Media ( If you are there).
    A little note in Media on this effort will fuel the fire within us…
    Eager to listen from you…
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    Have a nice reading.

    Yogesh Vaidya
    Editor : ‘Nisyandan’- An E-Magazine Of Gujarati Poetry.

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  1. Tongbram Amarjit Singh says:

    So glad to see the works of some good poets of Manipuri being translated into Gujarati. long live Nisyandan!!

  2. ashwini says:

    બહુ જ સરસ કામ થયું છેઃ
    સત્વશીલ સાહિત્ય વાંચવા મળ્યું .

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